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It’s hard to replicate nature. We’ve built a solution to create ideal environments for mushrooms that you can run in your home or lab.

Key Features:

  • Temperature monitoring and control, for mushrooms of all climates. Grow on your terms, even controlling when fruiting will occur.
  • Condensation free humidification, so your mushrooms remain sanitary, as well as minimizing spotting and rot.
  • Fresh air exchange and monitoring via volatile organic sensing systems, keeping you in touch with the respiration of your mushrooms.
  • Lighting in different colors and intensities, and a custom scheduler to stimulate different phases of growth within the mycelium.

Currently being used for: incubation, spawning and fruiting mushrooms. Also been used for aging cheese, growing carnivorous plants, orchids, and other situations that require control over the environment. The possibilities are endless, so even if you don’t ever plan to eat a mushroom for the rest of your life, odds are, you can find something where this is useful.

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Launching in November on Indiegogo.

Why Mush.Love

Mush Love was started to help people from all backgrounds benefit from the prolific variety of mushrooms. Mushrooms aren’t a plant, and they’re not an animal, they’re...something else. The fungal kingdom is the least explored, yet pervasive throughout the world. As we learn about them, we find more and more benefits they provide.


  • 1) Nothing up our sleeve. Nothing up our sleeve. If you’re putting it in your body, you deserve to know where it comes from. All our ingredients that go into any food product we provide are clearly published.
  • 2) No profit for pain: Giving back to our communities. Giving back to our communities. There are many mushrooms that have immense potential to not just brighten up lives, but to heal. Mush Love has committed both time and money to mushroom research programs, is actively involved insuring that they are accessible to everybody. We seek investment opportunities to empower folks who are helping others.
  • 3) Sponsoring further research. Mush Love has been in contact and sponsoring research from day one. We actively seek researchers using fungal products to solve problems and will continue to lend both time, expertise, and even products to their efforts.
  • 1. Acceptance: 50 years ago, everybody knew that chicken soup would cure a lot of ailments. Nobody tried to patent chicken soup. When everybody understands the medicine or the benefit, a­cceptance is ­broad.
  • 2. Powerful Allies: There are many scientists who share the belief that our medical system is flawed, or could be augmented, and they want to share their ideas & are willing to put effort into endeavors where the benefit is shared.
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  • 3. Empowering Competition: We must ask ourselves.. How many people can we help if we are the only ones to implement our ideas? If we are the only ones to implement our ideas, then maybe we should question how good the ideas really are. If our goal is to really help people, then we need to enable competent competitors, and hopefully they embrace enhancing the source as we would. I’m not saying we must give away business ­strategy, or business assets, but publishing our research and technology and embracing the notion that if we do a good job, we put ourselves out of a job seems like what we would all hope our medical system would do.
  • 4. Patent Cost: We are constantly pushed by folks telling us to patent ideas to protect oursevles from being locked out of technology, or from somebody stealing ideas. This comes at a significant cost, and we’re not sure if the benefit is there, especially if somebody takes our technology and uses it and we’re happy about it. If we publish everything, then we maintain the protection as we have put our ideas into the public domain, without the legal cost.

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